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The blog unveils the groundbreaking introduction of a private luxury terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, scheduled to open on September 6. Operated by PS, this is the second such terminal in the United States, following the success of a similar one at LAX. The airport is poised to redefine air travel for the discerning passenger by offering elite travelers a private TSA screening, personalized luggage handling, exclusive BMW rides to the aircraft, and opulent waiting lounges. From one-time salon experiences to all-access annual memberships, the blog explores the features, amenities, pricing, and unparalleled VIP treatment this new terminal promises to bring to Atlanta’s bustling airport.

"A New Era of Elegance: Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Unleashes Exclusive Private Terminal for the World’s Most Discerning Flyers"

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Revolutionizing Luxury: Atlanta's New Private Terminal Sets Global Standard

Introduction: Revolutionizing the Airport Experience with Private Terminals

Imagine taking off from the world’s busiest airport without the inconvenience of long lines, crowded terminals, and the typical hustle and bustle. Welcome to the future of luxury travel: private terminals.

A Class Apart: Private Luxury Terminal to Open at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Opening on September 6, 2023, at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, PS (formerly known as The Private Suite) brings an unparalleled travel experience to the elite traveler. A similar private terminal at LAX has provided this exclusive service since 2017.

Soaring in Style: Atlanta Airport’s Private Terminal Offers Unmatched Luxury

VIP Treatment: What to Expect from PS’s New Terminal

  • Skip the Lines: Private TSA Screening and On-Site Customs
  • Personalized Service: Luggage Handling and a PS Host for Your Needs
  • Exclusive Transportation: Ride a BMW to the Plane Right from the Tarmac
  • Relax in Luxury: Enjoy the Salon Lounge or Book a Private Suite
  • Extra Indulgences: Spa Services, Manicures, Gourmet Meals, and Cocktails
  • Local Culture: A Stunning Collection of Artworks by Black Artists
The Future of VIP Travel: Private Terminal Unveiled at Hartsfield-Jackson

Customized Luxury: Tailor Your Experience to Your Needs

Whether you need a space to entertain children or pets or desire exclusive amenities such as chef-prepared meals and beauty offerings, PS offers options to customize your experience.

Beyond the Terminal: PS Direct for Chauffeur and Luggage Services

For those who prefer an even more private experience, PS Direct provides a chauffeur to take you from your flight’s door to your home or hotel in a BMW sedan, along with luggage delivery.

ravel Like Never Before: Atlanta's Private Terminal Elevates Luxury

Price Tag: Luxury at Its Best – and Its Cost

With options ranging from $1,095 for a one-time use of the Salon to $4,850 for an all-access annual membership, the PS experience accommodates a range of preferences and budgets.

Comparison: Delta Sky Club Lounge vs. PS’s New Private Terminal

While traditional lounges like the Delta Sky Club offer complimentary cocktails and free Wi-Fi for $695 a year, they don’t provide the exclusive perks like private security screening or direct rides to your plane as PS offers.

List of Features and Amenities at PS Atlanta’s Private Terminal:

  1. Private TSA Screening, Customs, and Immigration Processing
  2. Personalized Luggage Handling by a PS Host
  3. Private BMW Rides to and from the Aircraft
  4. Luxurious Salon Lounge with Social Experience
  5. Customizable Private Suites with Entertainment Centers
  6. Spa and Beauty Offerings, including Massages, Manicures, and Barber Services
  7. Exclusive Menu of Cocktails and Chef-Prepared Meals
  8. Artworks by Black Artists Reflecting Local Culture
  9. Optional Chauffeur and Luggage Delivery with PS Direct

List of Pricing Options for PS Atlanta’s Private Terminal:

  1. One-Time Salon Use (No Membership): $1,095
  2. All-Access Membership Package for a Year: $4,850
  3. Various Customizable Packages Depending on Preferences and Needs

List of Locations Where PS Private Terminals Are (or Will Be) Found:

  1. Los Angeles (LAX), USA
  2. Atlanta (ATL), USA
  3. Dubai, UAE
  4. Frankfurt, Germany
  5. London’s Heathrow, UK

List of Comparisons with Traditional Lounge Programs:

  1. PS Private Terminal: Exclusive Security Screening, Personalized Luggage Handling, BMW Rides to Plane
  2. Delta Sky Club Lounge: $695/year, Complimentary Cocktails, Free Wi-Fi, More Than 50 Airports

These lists highlight the significant aspects of this new private terminal concept, from the luxurious amenities provided to the various pricing options and locations, setting the stage for what may become a trend in elite travel.

Conclusion: The Future of Luxury Travel is Here

Opening the private luxury terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a milestone in modern aviation. It reflects the demand for personalized, convenient, and lavish experiences. PS’s continued expansion points to a future where elite travel may become synonymous with privacy, luxury, and efficiency.


Whether you’re a business traveler, a celebrity seeking privacy, or simply wanting to indulge in the finest aviation luxury, this new terminal offers an unrivaled experience. Get ready to take your travel experience to the next level with PS. Make your reservation today, and be among the first to fly in style.

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