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At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Lost and Found office assists in recovering items lost within the airport’s terminals and concourses. Travelers can visit the office located in Domestic Terminal North or file a lost item report online through the airport’s official website. Contact the TSA Lost and Found is advised for items lost at security checkpoints. Getting the respective airline is necessary if the item is lost on an airplane. It’s crucial to provide detailed descriptions and regularly follow up on the lost item’s status.

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Have you lost something?

Suppose you've lost an item at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. In that case, acting quickly and following the appropriate procedures is essential. Here are the steps to take: Firstly, where and when you lost your item will determine whom you need to contact:

1. Determine the Location of Loss:

 If you lost the item in the general airport area, the process would differ from losing an article on an airplane or at a gate. For items lost on an aircraft, you should contact the airline directly.

2. Airport Lost and Found Office: 

You should contact the Airport Lost and Found office for items lost in the general airport area. They handle items lost in terminals, concourses, and transportation malls.

- Phone:

 You can contact the Airport Lost and Found office at 404-530-2100, ext. 100.

    – Location: The office is located in the Domestic Terminal North, upper level.

    – Office Hours: The Lost and Found office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.

3. File a Report Online: 

If you cannot visit the Lost and Found office, you can file a lost item report online through the Atlanta Airport’s official website. Provide a detailed description of the missing item and your contact information.

4. Follow-up:

 After filing a report, either in person or online, it’s recommended to follow up with the Lost and Found office periodically to check the status of your item.

5. TSA Lost and Found:

 If you believe you lost an item at the security checkpoint, contact the TSA Lost and Found at Atlanta Airport.

    – Phone: You can reach TSA Lost and Found at 404-530-9758.

    – Location: The TSA Lost and Found office is near the Airport’s main Lost and Found office in Domestic Terminal North.

Man has lost item at the Atlanta airport

6. Rental Car Agencies:

 If you lost an item in a rental car or shuttle, contact the rental car agency directly.

7. Ground Transportation: 

For items lost in taxis, shuttles, or rideshare vehicles, you should contact the respective company.

When describing your lost item, please provide as much specific and detailed information as possible. Having relevant identification ready in case your item is found would also be helpful. Remember that retrieving a lost item may take time, so patience is vital.

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Find your lost items

If you've left something behind during your journey through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), don't panic. The airport has systems in place to help you retrieve your belongings. Firstly, where and when you lost your item will determine whom you need to contact:

1. Lost in the terminal or parking area:

The Atlanta Airport Lost and Found office is responsible for items lost in the airport’s public areas, such as terminals and parking lots. You can contact them directly or complete a lost item report on the airport’s official website.

2. Lost in security:

 Contact the TSA Lost and Found department for items left behind at the TSA security checkpoint. They have a separate office and maintain a database of items left at security.

3. Lost on a plane:

If you left something on an airplane, contact the specific airline lost and found department. Each airline manages its own lost and found for items left on its aircraft.

When reporting a lost item, be prepared to provide as much information as possible. This includes a detailed description of the article, where you believe you lost it, the date it was lost, and any identifying features or marks. If your item is found, arrangements will be made for its return.

While the airport staff will do their best to help you recover your item, they are not responsible for personal belongings left unattended. Therefore, always double-check your surroundings to ensure you stay caught up when leaving the airplane, security, or airport terminal.


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Remember, retrieving lost items can take time, especially during busy travel. Your patience is appreciated.

In conclusion, although losing an item can be frustrating, Atlanta International Airport has protocols to help passengers retrieve their belongings. Be sure to report lost items promptly and provide thorough descriptions to maximize the chance of recovery.