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U.S. airports are buzzing with activity this Independence Day as travelers seize the holiday for their journeys. Denver International Airport is set to be the busiest in the number of domestic flights, with 802 departures. At the same time, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport leads in seating capacity with 130,189 seats across 801 flights. Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, and Los Angeles International are among the top five busiest airports. Amidst the celebratory mood, passengers must brace for potential chaos and delays, reminiscent of last week’s over 10,000 delays and cancellations due to various factors, including storms and operational caps.

Flying High on the 4th: Here Are the Busiest US Airports This Independence Day

4th of July. USA independence day celebrating with national American flag at Atlanta Airport

Celebrations in the air? Maybe not, as millions flock to airports for the July 4th holiday.

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Hello, my fellow wanderlust-driven friends! The fireworks are set, and the grills are fired up, but before you dive into the celebrations, let’s talk about the hustle and bustle up in the air.

This Independence Day, airports are teeming with travelers. But which airports are the busiest? You’ll want to be prepared if you’re jet-setting during this period.

🏆Taking the Crown: Denver International Airport

That’s right! The Mile-High City is soaring even higher this July 4th. With a whopping 802 flights taking off and 117,712 seats available, Denver International Airport is leading the pack in the number of domestic flights. The turf war between United Airlines and Southwest Airlines is heating up, just like those barbecues!

Denver International Airport

🥈Seat Galore: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Falling just shy of Denver in the number of flights with 801, Atlanta needs to play regarding seats. Offering 130,189 seats, that’s almost 13,000 more than Denver! So, while Denver wins in departures, Atlanta is the busiest regarding seating capacity. Delta is king here, with 523 departures.

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

🥉Texas-Sized Traffic: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and DFW is keeping up. With 745 flights and 104,643 seats, it’s the third busiest this Independence Day. American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines all wear cowboy hats and get passengers to their destinations.

Stunning aerial view of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas Skyline -Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Honorable Mentions: Chicago and Los Angeles

Chicago O’Hare International is United’s most significant hub and a major American Airlines player. It’s sending off 642 flights. However, Los Angeles International, a hub for the Big Three (Delta, United, and American), offers around 3,000 more seats, despite having fewer departures (521).

Los Angeles

The Rest of the Top 10

6. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – 519 flights
7. Charlotte Douglas International Airport – 477 flights
8. Harry Reid International Airport – 458 flights
9. Orlando International Airport – 399 flights
10. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – 399 flights

Male and female private jet pilots arriving at airport

✈️But Wait, There’s More (or Less)

Before we sign off, let’s talk about last week. Over 10,000 delays and cancellations had the airwaves jammed more than a July 4th picnic. Storms, the FAA capping operations in New York, and issues with airline crew scheduling software were chaos. Even United Airlines’ CEO had to make a daring escape on a private jet!

Airport, travel delay and sad woman with anxiety for immigration, passport problem or schedule. You

The Takeaway?

Pack your patience if you’re flying this July 4th. Check your flight status, arrive early, and bring a good book.

Safe and happy travels! Let freedom (and your planes) fly! 🎆🛫🇺🇸

For live updates, keep checking back.

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